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helps with your daily work

Kick-start your work week with MiA​

A summarised view of your attendance and productivity during the previous week

Which team members are on leave this week?

Know who's celebrating birthdays and anniversaries during the week

Brief analysis of your fitness activity during the previous week

Kick start your day with meetings and work plan reminders

A summarised view of your meetings

A summarised view of your tasks

Helps you with check-in/ check out

Reminisce your productivity and fitness activity on the previous workday

Assists with your routine HR requests ​

Check leave balance

Request time change

Apply leave

Team leaders can approve all HR related requests

View payslip

Reserve an Office Space

Updates your work activity and measures your productivity

Record daily activity

View individual analytics

Reminds you to stay active and track your progress

Analyse fitness activity during the previous week

Record your regular fitness activities

Integration with Office 365 Apps

Integration with Microsoft Planner​

Integration with Microsoft Outlook​

Integration to HR Systems

You can integrate MiA to your HR system via Mia API. You can fetch Check-In/Out data, leave data, HR service / help desk requests. The integrations to your HR system will be supported with custom integration solutions.

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