Adapting to the new normal

Have you ever thought about your employees’ productivity? Have you ever questioned your employees on the long working hours?

Have you ever tried to measure their productivity?

Are the employees taking care of their health?

Aren’t these some of the questions that pop into your mind when you see your hard-working employees?

Compared to 20 years back, the lifestyles have changed drastically due to the evolved work habits and patterns. Majority of the employed are questioning work-life balance and some chooses freelancing when they are unable to find solutions through the management. Most of the HR professionals are facing difficulties due to this, as they must look into the employees’ emotional well-being while managing all the daily HR activities.

In this digital era, there are a lot of apps and techniques which have been introduced, but until the recent Covid-19 pandemic, most people were reluctant to embrace and utilise this technology. The pandemic encouraged the workforce to use digital technologies as well as companies to adapt modern practices and technology to make life easier and more efficient.

One such system is the Digital HRS. Though the solution was available in the market for a long time, only a few companies around the world utilised it. With the pandemic people had to work from home therefore companies started shifting to Digital HRS.

Digital HRS allows you to carry out all your mundane HR activities through a digital system. This is accessible to both employers and employees hence the HR does not have to check tasks manually. This allows employees to check-in/out, record work activity, apply for leave, check leave balance, etc. all by themselves independently.

However, in most HR systems the employees have to log in to a separate system to do these tasks. Due to this lengthy procedure, employees tend to miss out on the attendance marking, work recording as it is a hassle for them. This is where MiA Workplace Virtual Assistant was introduced by MiHCM for the Microsoft Teams users. With MiA, your employees don’t have to log in to a separate system as it is already integrated with Microsoft Teams. All they are required to do is to send a simple message to MiA on Microsoft Teams to get their work done.

Both Microsoft Planner and Outlook are integrated with MiA. This enables the employees to receive automatic meeting alerts and work reminders. It also allows employees to check-in/out, check leave balances, view/ submit tasks and also to track the employees’ fitness activities. On top of all the above features and services, MiA assists both employees and employers to track/ calculate work productivity against active hours. MiA Workplace Virtual Assistant enables HR professionals to invest their time and focus on people management as it streamlines all mundane HR activities. Say Hello to MiA and Say Hello to a Productive Workplace.

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