MiA recognised as one of ‘10 useful Microsoft Teams Apps’ for productivity

The Covid-19 pandemic changed our life. We went to sleep in a normal world and somehow woke up to a digital one (there is no turning back now). Today, it has transformed the way we work and even perform HR duties. MiHCM’s MiA application integrated to Microsoft Teams, enables you to accomplish all your HR tasks easily. MiA is a workplace virtual assistant that is always available on-demand, and it provides a unique experience that’s designed to ease your workload and help you work faster.  

Recently, MiA was recognised by one of Microsoft’s Regional Managers for Southeast Asia as one of ‘10 useful Microsoft Teams apps’ to boost employee productivity. This LinkedIn article highlighted productivity apps that were created in the Asia Pacific region and included useful applications that integrate with Microsoft Teams.  

MiA is one such application that can turn your organisation around. It’s a hassle free, easy application that reminds and assists employees consistently to carry out mundane HR work quickly and in an exciting fashion. This simplified application expediates HR approvals through the Microsoft Teams App on Mobile and Desktop, eliminating the process of signing into other platforms to handle straightforward tasks. 

MiA works seamlessly on Microsoft Teams and is deployed through Microsoft AppSource and Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Designed to work with the MiHCM HR system, Third Party Applications, and Microsoft applications such as Outlook Calendar and Planner; MiA extracts vital information and notifies employees on upcoming meetings and tasks, team members’ birthdays, notices, surveys, and attendance. Simplifying these HR tasks and integrating the MiA application to Microsoft Teams, helps employees improve their productivity, engagement, and time management. MiA also provides workforce analytics to help employees understand their work activities and workforce better; insights that translate to data driven results. 

Through MiA for Microsoft Teams, employees can accomplish a variety of HR tasks such as checking in and checking out of work, submitting work activity, checking leave balance, applying for leave, submitting time change requests, and viewing payslips on-demand. This application further allows employees to reserve meeting rooms and workstations, send queries to HR, and ask MiA any company related question through the Knowledge Base ‘Ask MiA’ feature. MiA for Microsoft Teams is also equipped with innovative capabilities for recruitment & onboarding.  

Do you know that MiA also reminds employees to stay physically active? In this fast-paced world, our physical activities are almost non-existent, and this alone contributes to a variety of health issues. To ensure employee well-being, MiA continuously reminds and tracks each employee’s fitness. 

With MiA, everyone gets their own personal assistant. Get MiA today for your organisation and watch your productivity soar! 

To learn more about MiA, visit www.mia.work. 

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