10 Useful Microsoft Teams Apps to Boost Your Productivity (APAC edition) - Part 1

Published by Ricky Haryadi

Since the start of the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has earned a formidable reputation as one of the best video conferencing and collaboration tools around today. With more businesses enacting remote or hybrid Microsoft Teams has come to be seen as an essential piece of software — for collaboration, productivity, and general communication.

With over 270 million active monthly users, Microsoft Teams, continues to enable customers to be successful in a hybrid workplace. Discover new ways to realize greater value with Teams and learn more about how we make hybrid work, modernize communications, enable frontline workers, and delight with rich collaborative apps

Part of the reason Teams has proven so popular is because it is much more than a program to conduct video calls. The vast number of apps available through the program allows employees to have the best possible workplace experience — wherever they are. In this guide, we’ve highlighted (born in Asia Pacific) apps you won’t want to miss.

This is part 1 (of 2) of the articles, part 2 is coming soon.


1. Qbo

(by Unscrambl | HQ: USA and Singapore)

qbo (pronounced *kju boʊ*) makes analytics conversational using best-in-class natural language processing, so anyone can use it, from the c-suite to the front lines. Type in a question and qbo surfaces the most relevant answers, visualizations and insights for you in a snap. Actively collaborate with colleagues to dig deeper, make decisions and capture your findings in presentation-ready boards. Empower everyone in your organization to make data-driven decisions. qbo can directly connect to a large range of cloud or on-premise data sources and make insights available directly within Microsoft Teams. Check it out.


2. Creately for Microsoft Teams

(by Creately (Cinergix Pty. Ltd.) | HQ: Australia)

With Creately you can experience visual collaboration like never before. Now plan, analyze and execute all your work without leaving the Microsoft Teams.

Creately offers Teams users a free-form, infinite visual canvas to organize thoughts, brainstorm solutions, design processes and collaborate with teammates in real-time. Check it out.


3. SelfDrvn

(by SelfDrvn | HQ: Singapore)

COVID-19 changed everything from the way we conduct our day-to-day lives to the whole idea of Work.

Globally, workforces expect to continue practicing some form of remote work, post-pandemic, and this brings about unique challenges: organizational survival and growth depends on digital transformation through talent; employee burn-out has become a top concern; workers need to learn, unlearn and relearn skills to stay relevant.

Your Employee Experience drives your Customer Experience. Make your employees ‘Self-Driven, not Boss-Driven’, and achieve your business outcomes to win in the marketplace, by first winning in the workplace. Check it out.


4. MIA

(by MiHCM | HQ: Sri Lanka)

Mia Workplace Virtual Assistant enables your organisation to deliver a personalised virtual assistant for all your Microsoft Teams users. This workplace assistant on Microsoft Teams helps your organization to increase productivity, improve employee engagement, execution of a multitude of HR requests, work-related service requests, fitness & well-being, and more. Mia ascertains employee engagement, seamless employee experience for mundane HR services/interactions. Mia subscription allows you to provision an account to deploy a personalised digital assistant for HR services to all your employees via Microsoft Teams. Check it out.


5. JustLogin

(by JustLogin | HQ: Singapore)

Make use of our Microsoft Teams app to now enjoy all of our HRMS features from within the context of Teams!

You will now be able to configure the leaves of your company, apply and Approve Leaves, plan roster for your employees, view your Pay slip, even run your payroll for the month — all from within Teams! On top of that, our real time collaborative roster allows you and your colleagues to jump on a call, share a common preview of the roster and plan shifts! Check it out.


What’s next?

If you are a user, give it a try, go to Teams App Store in your organization of Microsoft Teams.

If you are a business leader, get our latest guide for Hybrid Work (2022 Edition).

If you are an ISV or SaaS solution provider, we invite you to bring your app to Microsoft Teams platform, put your app at the center of hybrid collaboration, and bring the relevant people and data directly into Microsoft Teams or into the apps where your users collaborate. Build a Teams solution with 4 steps:

  • Plan your app with Teams features
  • Design your Teams app to create a cohesive experience
  • Build your collaborative app for Teams
  • Embed Teams functionality into your app

Get started with Microsoft Teams and Viva:

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