MiA Feelings: A new way to engage with your valued employees

Do you know how your employees feel at the end of their work-day? What attempts have you made to find out about their day-to-day well-being? While some employees could be having amazing work-days, others might not feel the same. Some might even be working exclusively for their pay check, only looking forward to the next Friday for their ‘Fri-yay’ fix. Others may be afflicted with a recurring case of the ‘Monday Blues’. These conditions, while sometimes alarming, could also simply be due to factors such as work-stress, demotivation, job dissatisfaction, burnout, illnesses etc., which you can minimise by implementing corrective strategies.

A person’s mood and mental well-being impacts the quality of their work, and may have a cumulative effect if an employee goes through an extended period with a negative mindset. Therefore, knowing how employees feel helps an organization to take the necessary steps to optimally care for their wellbeing. Certain employees may be vocal about how they feel about their work, but most will suffer silently due to various fears such as that of facing repercussions or creating disputes among the team or with the management.


With these different types of employees, it is necessary for organisational leadership to engage and communicate with their employees regarding their well-being, in order to maintain a healthy and pleasant work environment. It is therefore very important for managers to be able to constantly and respectfully keep tabs on how their employees are feeling. This would allow an organisation to maintain a healthy and transparent workplace culture, and efficiently identify and take action against pressing issues.

While receiving and tracking feedback daily is ideal, managers often don’t have the time to do this themselves. Some companies use anonymous surveys, suggestion boxes and 1 to 1 meetings, but these all require considerable time and effort to administrate and do not sufficiently motivate employees to communicate their concerns. These issues with such mechanisms are further exacerbated if the organisation works in a hybrid working format.

What if you could make feedback sharing interactive and enjoyable while taking up minimal time?

Introducing MiA Feelings, an interactive and time-optimised way of keeping tabs on your employee well-being. This experience will ask employees how they feel at randomised times during the work-day, enabling them to take charge of their employee experience and provide valuable feedback. MiA feelings first consists of an easy-to-relate-to set of emojis by which employees could easily signify their mental state, and by which you will be able to gain an understanding of your employee well-being over time. Employees will also be able to provide detailed feedback when they feel it is necessary, so that you could identify key issues. With the option to provide detailed feedback anonymously, MiA Feelings also encourages employees to share their true concerns, even regarding sensitive topics.

MiA feelings is the best way to keep track of how your employees feel, only taking up the time of management or team leads when action is necessary. The analytics that MiA Feelings provides will make it possible for you to evaluate employee well-being over time, by department, and even by specific employee. You will also be able to easily identify critical problems so that you could deal with them before they cause extensive damage. By incorporating the corporate ‘sixth-sense’ that MiA Feelings would give you access to, you could constantly improve the employee experience you provide.

Try MiA feelings today and open the doors to a truly happy work-place.

Visit https://mia.work/ for more information.

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